Article 1 Definitions and applicability

  1. In these general terms and conditions the following definitions apply:
  2. CrossFit Flames XL: located in Amsterdam (1114 AG) at Van Marwijk Kooystraat 4, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number: 67555918.
  3. Participant: a natural person who participates incidentally or structurally in the form of a membership in (a) sports lesson(s) of CrossFit Flames XL.
  4. Member: a natural person (m/f) in whose name the membership or subscription to the CrossFit Flames XL sports lessons is administered.
  5. Agreement: the agreement between CrossFit Flames XL and a Participant on the basis of which participation in the CrossFit Flames XL sports lesson(s).
  6. Sports center: the physical (business) location of CrossFit Flames XL where the sports lessons take place.
    1. These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements, services, deliveries, activities and legal relationships of/with CrossFit Flames XL. Special agreements that deviate from or supplement these conditions are only binding if agreed in writing and only apply on a case-by-case basis.

Article 2 Registration

  1. Registration as a Participant and/or Member takes place by completing the registration form in full and sending it via the CrossFit Flames XL website. Membership commences on the date of the first I-Deal payment.
  2. If the maximum number of participants has been reached, the prospective participant will be placed on the waiting list. The prospective participant will be notified by CrossFit Flames XL as soon as his membership can start.
  3. Young people between the ages of 12 and 16 only have access to CrossFit Flames XL under the supervision and responsibility of a training member of 16 years or older.
  4. The Member remains liable at all times for the use and/or misuse of the membership account. Use of the membership account is personal. The account is therefore not transferable.

Article 3 Membership, term and payment terms

  1. A membership at CrossFit Flames XL will always commence on the day of registration.
  2. If the amount due is not received on time, for example as a result of insufficient funds or zoning for whatever reason, € 2.50 administration costs will be charged. If the amounts due have not been paid within 15 calendar days, the Participant will be given the last opportunity to ensure sufficient balance or to pay the amount due himself. If the Participant is still in default after a period of four weeks, the claim will be outsourced. All (extrajudicial) costs incurred for this are borne by the Participant.
  3. Refunds of automatically debited amounts are possible within 30 calendar days.
  4. CrossFit Flames XL reserves the right to change rates at any time. Participants will be notified at least 1 month before a price change. If the rate increases by more than 10%, the participant is entitled to terminate his membership with immediate effect, in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1.

Article 4 Training and opening hours

  1. CrossFit Flames XL reserves the right to change opening times, location, programs, etc.
  2. If the Member does not exercise the right to train or participate in parts and/or activities offered by CrossFit Flames XL, the membership fee will not be refunded.
  3. On official and recognized holidays and/or during events, CrossFit Flames XL is entitled to be closed or to adjust opening hours and/or offerings.
  4. The holiday period is calculated proportionately in the contribution.

Article 5 Termination of membership

  1. The Member can terminate his membership by sending an email to
  2. A membership can be terminated on the date on which the membership expires, with due observance of art. 3(1).
  3. The notice period is 1 month before the date on which the membership expires, taking into account art. 3(1).
  4. CrossFit Flames XL reserves the right, in the event of serious or repeated violations of the house rules or other proven unacceptable behavior, to unilaterally terminate a membership at the request of the management without refund of payment and without the payment obligation for the current term expiring.

Article 6 Risk and liability

  1. CrossFit Flames XL accepts no liability for damage, loss or theft of property of Participant(s).
  2. Using the facilities, training support, taking group lessons or a program at CrossFit Flames XL is entirely at the Participant(s) own risk.
  3. CrossFit Flames XL accepts no liability for material or immaterial damage as a result of an accident or injury to the Participant(s).
  4. The Participant(s) is/are aware that practicing certain sports involves risks and that he/she assumes any (consequential) damage that may arise as a result of practicing any sport at his/her own risk. .
  5. The Participant will also indemnify CrossFit Flames XL against claims from third parties in this regard.

Article 7 House rules and complaints

  1. The participant is expected to be aware of the house rules of CrossFit Flames XL or the Sports Center and to act accordingly.
  2. Any complaints can be submitted in writing or by email to the management of CrossFit Flames XL.

Article 8 Personal data

  1. CrossFit Flames XL processes the personal data of Participant(s) for administrative and marketing purposes. CrossFit Flames XL can inform the Participant by e-mail about its activities. If the Participant does not wish to receive this, he/she can object to this with CrossFit Flames XL by means of a written notification or cancellation.
  2. The personal data are recorded in a file on the computer, in which all Participants of CrossFit Flames XL are included. CrossFit Flames XL and its employees treat the information provided confidentially. The personal data will not be kept longer than necessary for the stated purpose.
  3. The Participant can request access to his/her personal data and to improve, supplement or change this data, which request will be honored if this is reasonably possible.

Article 9 Applicable law and disputes

  1. These terms and conditions and all agreements entered into by or with CrossFit Flames XL are exclusively governed by Dutch law
  2. All disputes that may arise as a result of the agreement and/or these general terms and conditions will be settled by the competent court in the district where CrossFit Flames XL is located.

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