What is CrossFit

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Everyone is talking about CrossFit, but what is it?


CrossFit is in the first place super nice. And super effective if you really want to be fit and strong. The training sessions (a training called WOD = workout of the day) are a combination of strength training, gymnastics, weight lifting and cardio training. They are based on functional movements, ie movements that you use in daily life. Examples include weightlifting, running, rowing, pull-ups, push-ups, jumping and rope climbing. With push-ups, for example, you use your body only, but you also train with dumbbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, bars, gymnastics rings, ropes and even car tires.


Because of the varied workouts you train not only your strength and endurance, but also your agility and coordination. That is why many top athletes do CrossFit training outside their regular training schedule. After a short while you feel a lot fitter and stronger!

Do you want a slim, muscular, strong, flexible and fit body?

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What does the training look like?


One of the big differences with an ordinary gym is that you do not train alone, but in a group. A group that supports and encourages you. Another big difference with a gym is that you are immediately part of a community in a box (CrossFit gym). That means that you do not make excuses for not exercising, but pushing and persevering.


The training at CrossFit Flames XL Amsterdam lasts one hour. You start with a warm-up first, followed by a technical part in which movements are explained and practiced, and then the WOD follows. And that is different every day! The groups are small (up to 14 people) and are always accompanied by a qualified CrossFit coach. WODs are very intensive and afterwards you feel a different person.

Can anyone do CrossFit?


Yes! From 5 to 100 years. From trained athletes to people who have never practiced a sport. And all kind of people with different levels in one group. How is that possible? Very simple: all exercises can be adjusted to your level! And if, for example due to an injury, you can not do an exercise, we will come up with one for you that you can do.


Do you want a slim, muscular, strong, flexible and fit body?

Then sign up NOW for a FREE TEST SESSION!