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1. Massage improves blood circulation and waste disposal

Blood circulation is vital for our body. Nutrients are fed through the blood transported to the cells and waste materials removed. There is also good blood circulation in the muscles of interest. A muscle makes lactic acid when it is moved, this is a waste product. Normally this lactic acid is well drained through the blood vessels in the muscle, but sometimes there may be so-called ‘knots’ arise. A button, also called trigger point, is a bundle muscle fibers which stick together, and no longer moves smoothly in and out of each other. If such a knot lactic acid accumulates, gives a dull heavy and tired feeling in the muscle. These knots also ensure that the muscle is shorter in some places and therefore can pull at the tip of it. These knots are removed from the muscles ;by  massage the lactic acid can be removed. It is amazing what taking away knots for example in  neck and shoulders can give you a releveid feeling. Often the head feels a lot at relaxed once a lot of energy is released.

2. Massage improves the resistance

More and more research is being done into the effect of massage on health. So it appears that after a massage the amount of white blood cells in the blood is increased. This white one help blood cells to fight infections and viruses. A massage also lowers it stress hormone cortisol. If cortisol is too long in the body, it is unfavorable for the resistance. Through the deep relaxation the nervous system switches to a mode of recovery.

3. Massage gives peace in the head

Massage promotes the production of serotonin and oxytocin, both feel good hormones provide peace, relaxation and a fine state of mind. Massage can especially help if you suffer from grinding thoughts. For example, an issue at work that you do head continues, relationship problems or maybe negative or insecure feelings about yourself. The head just keeps on going, but through a massage you focus on your body thoughts increasingly in the background. If you are struggling with a problem, it often does not help to keep busy, but just to let go. The brain is on the background then still looking for the solution and if you do not expect it suddenly come to your mind. It is not for nothing that artists or writers have the best incursions when they do something seemingly unimportant, such as showering or sitting on the toilet.  Sounds all right, is not it? Required relaxed for your health, what more could you want!  So what you need to do is: book more often a massage for yourself or give your partner a hint…

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