Jinga Gosschalk


'In love with CrossFit'


Hello, I am Jinga Gosschalk, co-owner of CrossFit Flames XL Amsterdam, coach
and personal trainer.


My vision is: life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. You can do everything.


In life, if you set yourself a goal, if you are disciplined and if you have a positive attitude.


Sport has always been the most important part of my life. I grew up in
Amsterdam, where I played basketball at a high level. When I was eighteen, I left for the United States, where I could study psychology and go to college with a sports scholarship, where I played basketbal in the first division.


After I finished my bachelor psychology, I took the step to become a professional basketball player. I enjoyed thirteen years with lots of fun at the highest international level. I joined a lot of events and participated in the World Championships. I also worked as a personal trainer and I gave fitness classes.
I am qualified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and
studied at the ALO.


As a professional basketball player I travelled around the world and that was a dream job, but what I also liked during this path became a new passion and that was coaching.


I quit around 2011 with professional basketball and I went back to the Netherlands, where I started my own personal training company under the name Jingyourbodyinshape. At that same time I discovered one new, great sport: CrossFit.


In 2011 I started training with Erwin van Beek at Crossfit Reebok 020 in Amsterdam. He has taught me a lot about the sport CrossFitI have, since I fell in love with CrossFit, followed a good number of courses, including CrossFit level 1, CrossFit level 2, gymnastics, weightlifting 1 & 2, strongman, rowing, running, kettlebell and
pregnancy and CrossFit.


On May 17, 2018, my biggest dream became reality: I became co-owner of this
beautiful box, CrossFit Flames XL Amsterdam.


Let’s make this the best box in Amsterdam, where everyone can find their own potential and fulfill his dreams!


Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel


"You will never quit CrossFit!"


My name is Marcha van Glaanen Weijgel, I am co-owner of CrossFit Flames XL, coach and personal trainer.


As a child I have always loved sports and I have practiced various sports. Before I became a CrossFit coach, I was all-round trainer. I gave tennis, fitness, basketball, different types of group lessons and personal training. I did this during and just after my sports education, C.I.O.S. , A.F.A.A (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise).
I had a conventional gym for 17 years long in Amsterdam, before I heard of CrossFit. In 2014 I discovered CrossFit. CrossFit is something you want to do your whole life! It is the intensity and variety that appeal to me. In that year I also did became a CF L-1 trainer and my CF Weightlifting certificate. Besides my sports education, I studied Psychology for three years.


I am married to Oliver Lemmer, who is also co-owner of CrossFit Flames XL Amsterdam. and we have two sons, Nathaniel and Raphael. Jinga and Jur are the other two co-owners of CrossFit Flames XL and together we do our very best to make you to feel at home in our fantastic box in Amsterdam. I hope to see you there soon!



Lowlands Throwdown 9th
Antwerp Throwdown 2nd
Athens Throwdown 2nd
Lowlands Throwdown 1st
Wodwars Cyprus 1st
Antwerp Throwdown 1st
Tiroler Mountain Throwdown Austria 1st
Rotterdam Throwdown 2nd
Lowlands Throwdown 2nd
Wodwars Cyprus 2nd
Tiglon (Elite comp) 20th
Tiglon (Elite comp) 15th
Amsterdam Throwdown 2nd
Masters Throwdown 3rd
Lowlands Throwdown 1st
Masters Throwdown 1st
French Throwdown 1st
Amsterdam Throwdown 1st
Tiglon (Elite comp) 5th
National Weightlifting Championship 4th
National Masters Weightlifting Championship 1st
Crossfit Games 5th

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Oliver Lemmer


"I challenge you to overcome your limits!"


Hello, I am Oliver Lemmer, co-owner of Crossfit Flames Xl Amsterdam, CrossFit coach,
MMA trainer, personal trainer and masseur.


My life motto is ‘no pain no gain’. That goes for my daily life and for the way
on which I approach sport. I believe that nothing in life goes without a struggle.
You have to work, if you want to achieve results and yes, that will hurt you. LIFE’S HARD! SUCK IT UP, BECOME STRONGER, HARDER, FASTER.


As a child I started playing soccer and after that I switched to tennis. I got
a set of tennis rackets gift from my sweet mother and was in love with tennis at once. Without tennis lessons, but by many ‘wall-hits”, I turned out to be able to play tennis. A bit later I played competition subtop level at Amstelpark.


And suddenly I fell in love with American Football, this is what I have done
a number of years in the 80s at the Amsterdam Crusaders. Nice time! I did bodybuilding for about seven years, but I became so big and bulky that I could not move easy anymore!


That’s why I started kickboxing at Sityodtong [a Thai Boxing Club]. This suited me fine, but the atmosphere of matches I didn’t like at all. So then I made the switch to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where I recently achieved a black band. There are a lot of years in it, and I have the same in this sport necessary tournaments. Then I made the step to MMA and I am teaching this now. My way of teaching proved effective, I have several professionals guided to their matches.


But … I became older and physically that is obvious, that’s why I have made the switch to CrossFit a few years ago. I think it’s a great sport, because it always remains a challenge. I can reasonably keep up with my master division on
international level, but this adventure has just begun, so: to be continued…


In the time that was left between all the sports I achieved different degrees in:
Fitness Trainer A, Sport Masseur, CrossFit level 1 and Security Bodyguard.


I challenge you to overcome your limits! Come to Crossfit Flames XL Amsterdam or
make contact via our website or Instagram @crossfitflamesxl for acquaintance/intake interview.


See you soon! Be strong in mind and body.


Simon Widler


'CrossFit will never let you go!'


My name is Simon Widler, I am a coach and athlete.


I am a lifelong sports enthusiast and recently a professional CrossFit coach.
I am born in Austria, raised in Germany and since 2014 I live in the Netherlands.
From my earliest childhood on everything in my life turned around team sports. Handball, a fast and very physical team sport was the sport that I became addicted to.


During my childhood I finished playing different championships at national level, where I fought for the title of German Schools Champion. At that time I also started coaching teams of children between 14 and 18 years old.


When I followed a rehabilitation and prevention program in 2012, my interest for
weightlifting and powerlifting aroused. After I moved to Amsterdam in 2014 I was looking for I was a gym in Amsterdam and I discovered CrossFit at Reebok Crossfit 020. The sport quickly controlled my life, and I felt that this was where my journey would take me. CrossFit will never let you go.


I started at the CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Strongman courses
In 2018 I started coaching. I am proud that I am now a member of the CrossFit team
Flames XL Amsterdam. I want to do my best to make this the best place in Amsterdam
make for CrossFitters of all levels!